About US

Company Profile

Over the years BLUEWAVE Trading & Contracting W.L.L has grown due their sincerity and assured quality and services in Architectural products ranging from Spider glazing, Cladding works and Skylights, etc. With a wide experience in Spider glass installation, Cladding works and Unitiser curtain wall works it has constantly been upgrading its technology so as to give its clients the latest solution with best quality along with technical accuracy keeping the economical resources constraint in mind. Backed with Technical assistance, project controler, Consultants and our experienced supervisors and fully trained labour gives a complete package in executing projects with outmost care

Our Mission Statement

Our goal as acompany is above all to ensure customer satisfaction in the quality of our designs and craftsmanship, but above all it is to instil confidence and assurance in the quality of our customer service and relationships Through our experience we have found that many companies are able to accomplish the work required and produce the products in our industry, however it is the attention to customer service and satisfaction that sets a company above the rest At BLUEWAVE Trading & Contracting we treat our customers as part of our family and believe this is the reason for our ever increasing customers. We also strive to create fludity from design to fabrication and into installation, as we offer a full range of service incorporating all of these aspects.

Quality Policy

Quality is at the core of every thing we do. Since the company was founded, The company has focused on delivering quality to our client. This is straight for ward to us. We recognise that it is better for us and better for our clients, to produce a finish product first time round.

Safety Policy

This Company believes that safety with proper training

We provide training to all our employees

Employees must help to prevent accidents

Establish and maintain prudent HSE practices in all aspects of the works and at all levels within the organization